Roundtable Series - Online via Zoom

Liberation from Limiting Beliefs 

Do you sabotage your own dreams and goals?

 I'm here with some good news - you CAN get out of your head.
 Join this intentional discussion in part one of this three part series for a candid talk about what's stopping you from having the life & career you want so you can Work Your Dream!

You are welcome to attend one or any of the roundtables.

Time - 5:00pm to 6:30pm PDT (90 minutes)

Wednesday, May 25, 2022 - Discussion #1 
Wednesday, July 27, 2022 - Discussion #2
Wednesday, September 21, 2022 - Discussion #3

Investment - CAD$21.00 + GST = CAD$22.05 per event. 

*For eTransfer payment, please email for auto-deposit to [email protected].
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Roundtable Series

What to expect...

  • Group Wisdom
  • Wholehearted Sharing
  • The Unexpected
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Join this interactive discussion via Zoom.
The gathering will include:

Setting An Intention for your group experience.
Introducing yourself to the group briefly
: why you chose to be part of this discussion and what you hope to gain from it.
To prepare, I invite you to create a quiet & safe space where you can focus on your own reflections on the topic of limiting beliefs and the discussions we will have as a group and in pairs. I will also lead you through a brief guided meditation, so you may wish to have a yoga mat and or cushions, blanket and pillow for your comfort. Feel free to bring a journal or notebook and perhaps have some water or herbal tea for the time we are together too.

Recording information:

The workshop will be recorded in the main room for the practices I will be guiding, but any breakout rooms will not be recorded.

 I will record the Zoom video workshop for my own use only to help develop and refine materials for future workshops/courses. The recordings of participants will not be shared or posted on any social media or public platform like YouTube. 
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Facilitated by

Rachel Newton MTC CBCC MQT
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Rachel Newton MTC CBCC MQT - Integrative Career Professional

She has been working in the fields of counselling, coaching and mentoring for 10+ years. 
Rachel's distinctive communication style inspires individuals, groups and audiences around the world to engage in the personal & career growth.
Her philosophy is supporting clients at all levels of mind, body and spirit to help achieve meaningful life and career aspirations and wellbeing. Her holistic approach primarily focuses on experiential somatically based therapies such as Coherence Therapy, Body-Centred Coaching and Medical Qigong. She is dedicated to supporting clients to create transformation in their lives & careers.

Live Zoom Events

New to Zoom video events?

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1. You will need to turn on your video and audio to join the call (if you wish to join with video too).
2. Please mute when you are not speaking to keep audio feedback to a minimum (the facilitators will also mute you if you forget).
3. If you would like to acknowledge someone speaking, you are welcome to nod, shake your head, give a thumbs up (or down), wave or other gesture – ideally respectful :-D.
4. Depending on the number of participants, we will experiment with having each person un-mute themselves to speak.
5. You are welcome to use the chat feature to share info as necessary, but please use it sparingly as it can be distracting.
6. Please find a quiet place with minimal distractions to Zoom from if possible.
7. Using headphones can also be helpful to minimize ambient sounds and noise.
8. In respect for the group, please have phones on silent or off.